Narrative Sponsors Tell Me A Story Contest for Young Poets

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Students ages 15 – 18 can enter a poem into Narrative’s “Tell Me a Story” contest. First place winner will receive $500, publication, and the opportunity to perform their work on Narrative’s podcast, Outloud.

The prompt for the poem is “escape.” From their site:

Your Escape poem might be about a literal taking off, or it might be an imaginative flight of fancy; it could be centered on something big or small; it might be fearful or brave. Escape might entail getting to a specific place or time, or it could be about a person or feeling. It might involve running toward something, or away. Escape could mean a trip outside yourself, or a journey within. Is there a companion in your escape plan? Is there an adventure you’re longing to take? What words or images come to mind when you hear the word escape? What circumstances are you itching to get away from? We want to know where you start from and where you go. Write a poem that takes your audience on an escape that only you can write—in your unique voice. Be sure your poem is ten to fifty lines long.

Students must submit through their English teachers. Teachers are allowed to submit the work of up to ten students.

The deadline to enter is February 4, 2021.

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