Highly Gifted Magnet Tour Dates at North Hollywood High Announced

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north hollywood highThe Highly Gifted Magnet at North Hollywood High School is excited to announce the dates for their Prospective Student Tours.  They will hold three tours between October 10th and October 27th.  The deadline to apply for all magnet schools is November 15th.

Gifted/High ability Magnets serve students who demonstrate ability to work two years above grade level in academic subjects. Applicants to gifted/high ability schools/centers must be verified by meeting certain criteria. For detailed information go to the Gifted/High Ability and Highly Gifted Magnet Criteria link.

The three tour dates are: Friday, October 10; Thursday, October 16; and Monday, October 27. There will be three tours conducted on each of those days.  The times for the tours are: 8:30-10:00; 11:00-12:30; and 1:30-3:00.

The tours are hosted by students currently enrolled in the Highly Gifted Magnet.   Tours visit several HGM classrooms during instructional time and provide prospective students with an opportunity to learn about the HGM and North Hollywood High School.

If you are interested in signing up for a tour, please call the HGM office at (818) 753-6213 between 8:00 am and 11:00 am.  You may also send an email to kmp4366@lausd.net.  Make sure you include your name, phone number, the number of people attending and the date and time you wish to attend.

North Hollywood High School
5231 Colfax Ave
North Hollywood, CA 91601

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