Can’t Visit Wellesley? Join a Webinar

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College visits are a moot point this summer thanks to COVID-19. When my daughter was applying to college, we did an East Coast tour of colleges during the hottest month of the year – August. We visited seven schools in five states in a week. While the visits helped to give her a sense of what she was and wasn’t looking for in a campus, she wound up going to a school that she visited in the spring after being accepted.

Many schools will offer accepted students a weekend stay on campus to experience college life. Some schools will offer diversity weekends for incoming freshmen from under-represented communities and will pay for travel expenses to the campus.

Not sure how school visits will play out in spring 2021, but in the meantime, some schools are pivoting to webinars to give students a chance to get a feel for the campus and student life.

If your student is thinking about applying to Wellesley, they are offering a series of webinars that cover everything from social life, stress-free college planning, applying to Wellesley as a transfer student, and more. Go here for the schedule and to register.

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