California Youth Think Tank Offers Summer Programs on USC’s Campus

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California Youth Think TankLast year, on the first day of camp at The Young Center’s California Youth Think Tank on USC’s campus, I’m dropping Kort off when I see a familiar face. In my head, I’m thinking, oh that looks a lot the actor who played Moesha’s dad (Frank) on her show. But…he had a clipboard, t-shirt with the Young Center logo and he was clearly working. Lo and behold, it was. William A. Young created the Young Center and is an ‘SC alum (fight on!).

K had a great time that week. In addition to honing her public speaking skills by

William A. Young

William A. Young

having to come up with a for and against speech on certain topics, she also got a little taste of college life by eating in the cafeteria and being on the USC campus. They also went on a field trip across the street to the museum. On the day of the program, they had a competition and an awards ceremony afterward. The price was right for a 6-day program that runs from 9-5 for $175. Next year after she completes the 9th grade she’ll be able to apply for the residential program.

They have two programs, one for middle schoolers and one for high schoolers:

College Residential Program for Grades 9-12 | June 21-27, 2015 | Fee: $550

Selected high school students will live in a college dorm on the beautiful campus of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.  They attend daily classes and training workshops and participate in a variety of challenging activities and events designed to help them develop leadership, confidence, moral character, effective communication, research, writing, and critical thinking skills in preparation for success in college and beyond.

Includes: USC campus housing + 3 daily buffet-style meals, comprehensive training program,educational materials & supplies, facilities usage, field trip transportation, Individualized Assessment, college recommendation letters, trophies & awards, T-shirts.  Click to Apply –Application Deadline: March 13, 2015

CYTT Summer Day Camp for Grades 7-8) | June 22-27, 2015 | Fee: $175

Students attend daily classes from 9am–5pm on the USC campus.  They participate in a variety of challenging and fun activities and events, and engage in special projects designed to help them develop leadership, confidence, effective communication, critical thinking, and other valuable skills needed for success in high school, college and beyond.

Includes: comprehensive training + daily lunch meals, educational materials & supplies, USC facilities usage, field trip transportation, Individual Assessment, trophies & awards, T-shirts & tote bags.  Click to ApplyApplication Deadline: March 13, 2015

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