Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

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Amazon’s looking for students looking to major in computer science. The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship will award one hundred lucky students $40,000 (students will receive $10,000 a year) for college and a 12-week paid programming internship at Amazon after completing their first year at college.

To be eligible, students must be high school seniors in the US. They should have completed or be currently enrolled in a computer science course. They should also have a GPA between 3.0 – 4.0 and be planning to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a computer-related field. A demonstrated financial need must be shown.

From their site, Amazon says they take the following criteria into consideration:

  • How you do in the classroom, primarily based on GPA
  • Computer science experience – For example, after-school clubs, competitions, self-taught learning, hackathons and more
  • Work experience
  • Short answer responses
  • Financial need – Usually based on household income
  • Teacher recommendation – We’d prefer this to be your computer science teacher if you have one, or a teacher who knows you well
  • Racial, ethnic and gender diversity

Applicants should be prepared to answer three questions, answer are short, no more than 250 words. They’ll need transcripts of their grades, a teacher recommendation, and their household’s most recent filed 1040 return.

Deadline to apply is January 25, 2022.

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